Solvang small Danish town in California!


Suddenly you find yourself in Denmark again!

Solvang is a small Danish town in California, founded in 1911 by Danish immigrants on the west coast of the USA. It was called Solvang (sunny fields), because the fertile landscape was very well suited for the cultivation.

The small, cute town of Solvang with over 5300 inhabitants, is located close to Santa Barbara and has become a popular tourist attraction.

From Santa Barbara, it is a short drive through the Santa Ynez Valley, a hilly wine-growing area with several wineries.

Later you come to a dead straight road and drive past many paddocks, through a very flat landscape directly to Solvang.

Is Solvang in California worth a visit?

But of course, the small town consists of beautiful half-timbered houses, windmills and many small shops.

From some it smells enticing to Danish specialties, in other one finds the usual souvenirs. The streets carry Danish names like Copenhagen Drive or Fredensborg Square and many houses laugh at the Danish flag. You really feel like you are in Denmark.

Solvang a small Danish town in California with lots of shops!

There are many bakeries, restaurants and cafes in Solvang that bear Danish names such as Mortensen's Bakery, Rasmussen or Fredenborg. There you can treat yourself after a long stroll through the streets a good glass of wine or a sweet treat. For example, a delicious sundae on McConnell's Ice Cream.

In Solvang, there is a charming shop with unique Christmas ideas, open all year, offering many special items.

You will find, for example, German nutcrackers, incense smokers, straw stars, Santa Claus or even Christmas pyramids made of wood. The hand-painted Christmas tree decorations and the unique, Italian, hand-blown glass ornaments had particularly impressed me.

I could not get enough of all these beautiful things and would have liked to spend hours in them, because I can never have enough of Christmas decorations.

Downtown Clock and Stork's Nest in Danish Village!

In front of a building is a beautifully landscaped green area and on it stands a large grandfather clock that looks like a diving bell on a spit. It is a Downtown Clock as it is found in many American cities.

The building behind the clock, the Real Estate Company, adorns a beautiful thatched roof with a stork dummy and a stork's nest.

In this small town you have the feeling that time has stopped and you are in Andersen's fairytale world.

Solvang has a small park named after the fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen. In this beautifully landscaped complex, with large slides, a skating rink and a climbing wall you can spend a nice time with the family. While the children are playing, parents can take a break at a picnic table. In addition, from there you can comfortably watch his kids playing around.

Solvang a small Danish town in California, a place where you can feel very well and always worth a visit.


  • I was also in California for the first time this summer, but I did not make it to Solvang. For us it was only to San Luis Obispo and then back to San Francisco.

  • Wow a really nice city! Never thought that there is something like that in California, I'm a total fan of Denmark 😉 I have to remember that, because I really want to go there too 🙂

    dearest greetings

    Sarah /

  • Solvang loved it. Actually, we wanted to stay only one night, but then have another hung. That was really great. And we definitely had better weather than her 😉

    • That's right, our weather was mixed but I hope this time it will be better.
      Greetings Sigrid

  • I think I would like the town too. Refreshingly written.
    LG Claudia

  • I'd love to go to CA again! Great post office 🙂

  • Yes, that's pretty. There we were once.
    Love from

  • nose troll

    Oh ... I love travel guides and I love Denmark. Class post. I immediately put it on my favorites list.

    Best regards,

    Tobias 🙂

  • At some point the whole world united in California? As long as it's alright, would that be a nice dream of californication?

  • That's great. You fly to the USA and land in Denmark. Thanks for the great tip. The town comes on my travel list.
    LG Melli

  • mary dream team fitness

    That looks great 🙂 I love Denmark and also Canada. As a child I was very often in Denmark vacation. Canada is at the top of the list. I'm just scared that I want to stay there 😉

    best regards

  • Wow what an idyll. It looks so peaceful and friendly from dreamlike. Unfortunately I have never been to Denmark but I would like to go there. LG Alex from

  • Dear Sigrid,

    Wow! So of course I know St. Barbara and I really like this place! But I have never heard of Solvang. This town looks gorgeous! Great! So when I'm finally back in California, I have to go there.

    Thank you for this great tip! There are so many insider tips on your blog :-)!

    Greetings and have a nice evening!

  • There seems to be nothing in America that does not exist! I'm always amazed at what else I can learn about America.
    That looks very pretty. I especially like Jule Hus.
    best regards

  • God, I did not know that there was so much "Danish" in California! 🙂 Great report, matching pictures and interesting details. Approximately 1.5 hours from my home there is a small village in Schwäbsch-hällischen, where there is also a huge Christmas Store, which also has the whole year open. 😉 A great feeling when standing at 30 degrees in this shop! 😉


  • Oh, I've never made it over to the US 🙁

    Maybe we'll go to New York soon - my first trip over ....

    California would of course be a dream ...

    LG Danie from

  • Oh how beautiful, Christmas 365 days a year 🙂 A paradise for me.

    Love from

  • I've been to California a few times, but not yet in Solvang. Join the list right away, thanks for the suggestion!

    • Is really a worth seeing town and 20 minutes by car you are at the Neverlandranch by Michael Jackson.

  • What's not there 😀 Alone, where Christmas is all year round, I just love it!
    best regards

  • I'm always looking forward to your contributions about California. You always show places you do not see in every Instagram feed. I also saw that you added me to the list 'Blogs I like to read' <3 I'll get you into my blogroll right after that 🙂

    best regards

  • Oh, as a Scandinavian fan, Solvang would be something for me too. ? Too bad that California is so far away. Super nice pictures did you do there. When I see the Christmas things like that, I'm really looking forward to the 4th season.

  • I've been to Scandinavia a few times and especially like Denmark. Solvang looks very comfortable. Is there also the well-known Danish hotdog stands there?

  • Thanks for the digital excursion to Solvang. I can understand that you like it there. Looks like the Christmas land that has become alive. And the city was imported one-to-one from Denmark. 🙂
    But even such places make a presence again, in which two-fold measure the society. That also bothers me, worth thinking about. best regards

  • Wow, that looks like a little fairytale world! Sweet, this town! <3

  • Hello dear Sigrid! That looks so miserable! Americans love that, right? LG! Sirit

  • What a cute place! I'm a Scandinavian fan anyway.
    Since that would be just right for a little break from the American bustle, right?

    Greetings from Singapore <3

  • that's a really bizzar - but also really nice! You can hear so many times that the Aericans have a fable for building such a small town 🙂
    that can certainly compete with a real Danish place! I would certainly feel good 🙂

    Best regards too,
    ❤ Tina from

  • wiefindenwiresgmailcom

    I find the Americans funny, because you come across the big pond and land in Denmark 🙂 This is a nice little town!
    LG Antje

  • Wow! Everything looks so homey and beautiful there! 🙂 Really great photos were created! Thank you!

    Best regards, Noah

  • That sounds interesting! For us living in Norway, Danish is no stranger, as the >

    Thanks for the report.

    Lg from Norway

  • The village looks class! Why is there such a thing always so far away? Is this too normal in Europe ...?

  • I did not know that there is such a city, but I think it is really good! The gift shop would be my downfall! Haha


  • Oh how cute. Who expects such a small town in California ?! Christmas shop, which have the whole year on, there is also here - and I love her. 🙂

  • That is funny! I have never been to the US - and never in Denmark! Since I could kill two birds with one stone 😉 And the Christmas shop would be my Highliht!

  • For my next stay, this town is already at the top of the visit list! This actually looks a bit magical and I can well imagine that there is a feeling here as if somebody had stopped the time briefly. It's just such a little bit of homeland feeling in the otherwise vast expanses of the USA because it has that certain charm 😀

    Many greetings

  • I always find it exciting to travel to such villages or cities that try to remember or relate to a world in the old world. If I had known that this village exists, I would definitely have visited it on my road trip!

  • I always find it very exciting how cities develop in the style of other countries where emigration takes place. This is always an interesting interpretation of home 🙂
    I generally find half-timbered houses beautiful and they always give a fairytale touch.
    I would definitely drop by!

    Best regards, Helen

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