The best Instagram spots in Los Angeles!


The metropolis of Los Angeles with its blue sky, bright sunshine and expansive beaches is very popular with Instagramers. There are a lot of Instagram spots that you have on your to do list and that you want to be photographed.

These include, for example, the Hollywood Sign, the Walk of Fame, the Pink Wall by Paul Smith and of course the Cisco Home's Made in LA Wall.

Here are a few favorites from Instagram spots in LA that no IG can resist.

7767 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

One of the most popular Instagram spots is certainly the Angel Wings Wall by Colette Miller. These beautiful angel wings are meant to remind people that we are all angels of this earth.

While there are several of these wings in Los Angeles. but in front of these in Melrose Avenue, the Instagramer snake stands for a photograph.

5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

The urban lights have become very popular through social media and are now one of the most photographed Instagram spots in Los Angeles. Hardly any Instagramer miss the opportunity to take a selfie here to let his followers participate in this great moment

8221 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

If you're in Instagram, you've probably already seen pictures of Paul Smith's Pink Wall in Los Angeles. The pink façade on Melrose Avenue has become one of the most popular venues for fans around the world, and is considered an ideal photo setting.

Dozens of people are patiently waiting to pose on this famous pink wall to make the perfect picture.

Micheltorena Stairs in Silverlake!

3400 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

The Micheltorena staircase with its red hearts and colorful steps is one of the stairs most often seen on Instagram. In every post about popular Instagram spots in Los Angeles you can see these painted stairs.

The Micheltorena staircase consists of 177 steps and was painted by the artist Corinne Carrey.

9641 Sunset Blvd, Beverly Hills

Also known as the Pink Palace because of its color, the Beverly Hills Hotel is very popular with Instagramers. Boasting an excellent location on the Los Angeles Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills, the world renowned 5 star hotel provides a great backdrop for the perfect photo.

Whether in front of the pink facade or in the huge, lush, tropical garden with many exotic plants. There are many ways to pose for Instagramm or just for a souvenir photo.

Beverly Hills Sign!

9101 N Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills

Of course, while in Beverly Hills, one must not forget to take a picture in front of the city's famous street sign. You should bring some time, because here are many and it takes a while until it's your turn.

Palm trees in Beverly Hills!

Cloudless deep blue sky, palm-fringed streets, beautiful sunsets and then an overwhelming sea of ​​lights. This is the luxurious city of Beverly Hills, home to many celebrities.

You should definitely drive through the expensive residential areas whose streets are surrounded by tall palm trees. These are also among the popular Instagram spots and are a much sought-after photo opportunity.

6060 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles

The modern red façade with the sweeping silver-tone silver bands that make this museum an eye-catcher has made it one of the most famous places in Los Angeles.

The museum, located on Wilshire Boulevard, is one of the world's largest of its kind and displays about 300 cars. Whether in front of a historic classic or a well-known vehicle from film and television, here everyone will find the suitable motive.

Cisco Home's Made in LA Wall!

8025 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

Just a few steps from the Pink Wall on the side of the Paul Smith Building, Cisco Home's Made is LA Wall.

This wall, designed to show the pride of the locals in their city, has become a true Instagram icon. It is worthwhile for anyone to drop by for the right photo.
Venice Beach Boardwalk!

1800 Ocean Front Walk, Venice

The boardwalk along the beach is popular with cyclists, joggers, skaters and, of course, Instagramers in particular. It is very long, one shop joins the other there and from fashion jewelry to T-shirts everything is offered. Of course, there are also innumerable opportunities for a great Insta photo.

998 Ocean Front Walk, Venice

The Venice Pride Lifeguard Tower has become a social media sensation. The tower is held in the colors of the rainbow flag the symbol of gay and lesbian movement. He is to remember the first gay man who was elected to the Los Angeles City Council.

The tower is very popular with Instagramers, all want a photo with this rescue tower in colorful rainbow colors.

Washigton Blvd. Dell Ave Venice

The Venice Canals were built by Abbott Kinney, who was once so excited about his visit to Venice, Italy, that he decided to build such canals on what is now Venice Beach.

He wanted to bring the name of Venice Canals the beauty and culture of Italy to the people in California. The few that have survived offer a charming atmosphere and are of course ideal for a great Insta photo.

7038 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles

Of course, with a quick glance you can see many stars on the sidewalk that you know. But looking for his favorite star can take a while, because there are thousands of stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

However, with well-known stars, the rush is great, even in the early morning. Instagramer and tourists even lie down on the star to get the best picture.

Santa Monica Pier!

88 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica

Of course, the Santa Monica Pier is also one of the popular Instagram spots. There are plenty of instagrammable locations, such as under the sign, in front of the Pacific Park or the well-known Route 66 sign.

Incidentally, you can take a ride on the Ferris wheel or eat something delicious.

Hollyridge Trail, Beachwood Drive

Of course, the world-famous Hollywood Sign should not be missing in the list of my insta-spots.

These nine letters of Hollywood's world-famous Hollywood lettering on Mount Lee are the symbol of the US film industry and the location of many American films.

It is a place that almost every tourist and Instagramer in Los Angels would like to visit for a souvenir photo.

These were some of the most popular Instagram spots in Los Angeles, with more to follow soon.


  • Dear Sigrid,

    I already have such a longing for the USA anyway. But honestly more to Florida than to California. Whereby LA would be great again ... also I have to go back soon. I already know the Instagram Hot Spots :-) ... and I also saved them right away.


  • Regardless of Instagram, these are all really great photo locations. Especially the Walk of Fame invites you to take a selfie with the stars of its stars. And of course the Hollywood Sign: an absolute must as a tourist 😉

    Greetings, Milli
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  • Hello dear Sigried,
    These are really great spots and the pictures have also become great. I have to go there as well, but at the moment the upcoming construction is approaching!

    Have a nice day!

    Love Linni

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