TCL Chinese Theater one of the most beautiful movie palaces in Hollywood!


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Opened in 1927, the TCL Chinese Theater, also known as Grauman's Chinese Theater, has seen many stars and world premieres. It was once named after the American gold-digger's son Sidney Grauman, who at the time made a lot of money through bets and speculation, thereby financing the construction of the theater and other buildings.

The TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles was built very elaborately in the shape of a Chinese pagoda. The entrance is lined with two 27-meter-high red columns, between which hang a Chinese dragon made of stone and above it a curved roof made of bronze. Everything is elaborately decorated, convey the charm of Asian temples and of course can be visited as part of a guided tour.

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The TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles is still used for premieres today!

Even today, TCL Chinese Theater is one of the most sought after theaters in Hollywood for premieres.

Then there are hundreds of fans, journalists, photographers and, of course, camera crews in front of the cinema. With stormy applause the actors are welcomed, who then like to talk to the crowd and sign autographs.

Also we mix with interesting premieres among the spectators. That was the case with the premiere of the American Horror Story Freak Show, for example. For me as a fan of this horror, horror, psychoserie, it was of course a must to stand among the spectators. Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and many others came very close and signed their autographs in a good mood.

Information about premieres in the TCL Chinese Theater and of course other possibilities to get close to his favorite star can be found here.

TCL Chinese Theater Historic Hollywood!

The TCL Chinese Theater is one of Los Angeles' most popular attractions on the Walk of Fame. It is best known for the hand and shoe prints as well as the signatures of celebrity stars. They immortalized themselves in the damp concrete in the entrance area of ​​the TCL Chinese Theater.

The first prints were made on April 30, 1927 and are by Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks. Over the next few decades, around 200 other stars were added.

In front of the theater you will find well-known film stars such as Jack Nicholson, George Clooney, Harrison Ford, Johnny Depp or Adam Sandler. In addition, several artists no longer live left their impressions in concrete here. These include Marylin Monroe, Dean Martin, Ginger Rogers, Fred Astair and of course Cary Grant. die Deutsche Schauspielerin Hildegard Knef ist dort unter den vielen Abdrücken zu finden. Incidentally, the German actress Hildegard Knef can be found there among the many impressions.

In addition, there are also the paw prints of some famous movie animals such as Lassie, Rin Tin Tin or Godzilla to see.

Here everyone will surely find a star in whose hand or foot prints he wants to have himself photographed for the photo album.

Of course, there is also plenty to see in front of the theater, because everywhere you see copies of famous movie characters. For example, X-Men, Micky and Minnie, Edward Scissorhands or Marilyn are happy to take pictures for a small fee.

Anyway, the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood is always worth a visit for us. Especially because of the many film premieres, where we like to be there and mix with the fans.

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