Where are the luxury houses of the stars in LA?


The noble Calabasas and the hidden hills!

Calabasas is a city in the state of California and a sought after and well-known suburb of Los Angeles. The city is located between the San Fernando Valley and the Santa Monica Mountains and is less than 30 km from the center of Los Angeles. Calabasas the city in which many stars are at home, has about 24,000 inhabitants of which over 80 percent   rich and famous people are.

, Kardashian, Bieber and Co ,

Much of their homes are in the monitored housing estate Hidden Hills behind well-secured gates. The property is well screened and with no Promitour accessible or visible. Here in this rural complex with no street lamps and sidewalks, many famous stars from the music or film industry live. und die Kardashians. The most famous inhabitants are Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Drake and the Kardashians. Also Ozzy and Sharon   Osbourne, Will Smith, Dwayne Johnson and Jennifer Lopez reside here in a beautiful, quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

Is there a better display of wealth than in the City of the Hidden Hills, owning a million-euro home in an exquisite neighborhood?

A drive through the streets of Calabasas!

When we vacation in Los Angeles, we sometimes drive through the streets of the city across the Parkway Calabasas to the Hidden Hills. There on the hills, beautiful villas sit in a great landscape. We take pleasure in passing them and see if anything has changed since last year.

Klaus car lovers, like almost every man, has looked at the local car dealers. There you can see luxury cars in every price range, such as McLaren and Ferrari.

Afterwards we take a leisurely stroll through the Commons Calabasas, a beautifully landscaped, well-maintained outdoor shopping center. There is something for everyone to see and discover. There are restaurants, a Ralph's supermarket, various shops, including a great bookstore and a movie theater. Children enjoy a pond with turtles and water-breathing figures, adults over a piece of cake in the sidewalk cafe. There you can sit relaxed in the open air and watch the hustle and bustle ... ..but without a cigarette!

No Smoking!
Calabasas is the first city in the USA, where since 18.03.2006 there is a regulation to protect against passive smoking. This prohibits, for example, smoking outdoors (streets, sidewalks, parks) and buildings (shops, hotels, bars, restaurants), etc.

If you smoke anyway, it can cost you up to $ 1000.


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